Commission Request Form

Update: Please  contact me before filling in the form to check if I am currently accepting commissions.

I put this together after finding I was frequently sending out the same messages re commissions, to ask people exactly what they wanted.

Commission Request Form

If you have no preference on any of the items in the form, be aware that I will make up my own answers to any questions that arise, and let my imagination run wild. Never assume that the image I get in my head from a description like ‘I want a picture of a vampire’ will be the same as what’s in yours!

To avoid disappointment, tell me as much as you can about what you want the character(s) and their environment to look like. If you have a specific image in your mind of their face, their weapons, their clothing etc, then please give me as much detail as possible. If you have sketches of them, ideal. If you have a picture of someone who looks like them, or of any of the items or the location you want in the picture, then send them along. It all helps!

If you prefer, you can download a copy of this in Word format here, and email it.