Deedee is an established fantasy artist, offering custom fantasy, gothic and horror artwork for a variety of projects:

  • Visualising characters e.g. Role Play character pictures, novel character portraits
  • Creating character art for online games
  • Designing and preparing book covers for print and e-book covers for online sales
  • Creating avatars, signature banners and business cards

If you’re a writer who needs to visualise characters from your stories; a game developer looking for character portraits, or an individual looking for custom fantasy graphics, you’ve come to the right place. You can see examples of work produced in each of these categories by clicking on the links above. On this site you will also find 3D tutorials, a selection of commissioned work, and links and other information that might be useful to those learning to create 3D artwork. If you like what you see, find it useful, or want to drop Deedee a line about anything else, you can contact her via the link at the top of the page.

Deedee is a long-time fan of fantasy art, and counts Boris Vallejo and Chris Achilleos as her earliest favourite artists. She was first attracted to the idea of creating 3D artwork back in 2003 when she first started posting art online, and through a rather convoluted and accidental means, stumbled across Poser while trying to find something else entirely.

Having tried many of the popular 3D modelling and rendering packages, her preferences are Carrara Pro for modelling, Vue Esprit for landscapes and Poser Pro for figure posing and animation.

Deedee dabbles in writing and has had a number of fantasy, horror and sci-fi stories published in anthologies (blog site here). She also has a keen interest in dressmaking and crafts, and when she’s not creating artwork or writing, she can be found making a mess while creating gothy clothes, kimonos, machine embroidery and handbags (Etsy site here).

Her influences include vampires, bad 80s horror and fantasy films, heavy metal and the works of Poe, Lovecraft & their contemporaries.

You get the picture…

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  1. I wonder if you are on DeviantArt? I use Photoshop cs3 to do Stereo art. Fan type stuff. If you GOOGLE 3dFantasys or 3dmacphee, there I am. You may already stumbled across me since our names are similar.
    I am nowhere as good as you but my stuff is not bad.


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