Below you will find a selection of comments received via the Feedback Form on work commissioned for happy customers!

I think Deedee cared about how the portrait came out as much as I did. There was a lot of back-and-forth during the whole process as she frequently sought feedback about her progress up to that point. As a result, the final outcome was very close to the original vision I had in my head,…

Mark, May ’15 (Aasimar)

Best artist I’ve ever commissioned, wonderfully open to input and dedicated to getting things exactly right. Would order from again.

Tsaerri Mir, Aug ’16

For this being my first official commision I’m immensely pleased. I’ve had a hard time just getting other commission artists to contact me, but not only was this artist prompt in her response time but I never felt out of the loop. Very good customer service experience. And the work done was great. I can’t…

Brandon Jones, Apr ’15

Wonderful work. Took a dream I had and put a face to it perfectly. Thank you for bringing Balthazar to life.

Kitty Bradford, Mar ’14

I am very happy with the final results. It has been a real pleasure working with you. You are very patient and committed to bringing to life the commissioner’s vision. Thank you!

Syl & Eliana Aug 13

Deedee is a highly skilled and versatile digital artist. For my project she was able to step outside her comfort zone of fantasy art and learn all sorts of new techniques required for sci-fi illustrations. I’m delighted with the results. Great fun to work with too! https://eldermindform.bandcamp.com/album/elder-mind-form-the-soundtrack

Mike McCullough, May ’13

Great work, great skill.

Bowie V. Ibarra

I have worked with other artist in the past and this has hands down been the best experience I have ever had.

Jasun Reynolds, Feb ’13

I was impressed by the service, the level of professionalism, and the artwork. Deedee was quite responsive to my requests and quibbles, and worked with me to create something I’m quite happy with.

Brent Nichols, Mar ’12 Girl in the shadows

“I recommend Deedee’s work, because she won’t disappoint you. She always shows you the work in progress, so that you can comment if you want to change something or leave it as it is. Communication is good. Of course, it was my first obsession, to ask for my first commission, and I’m continuing to ask…

Laura Cuenca Saló, Dec ’11

Seedydeedee was an absolute professional to work with. She an extremely talented artist, her communication is excelent, very fun to work with. I highly reccomend her. I will definately be using her for future projects.

Michael Claridge, Apr ’11

Working with Seedydeedee was an absolute pleasure. Seedydeedee produces top quality graphics and is patient with revisions with very good communication. Thank you.

Intermediary, Feb ’11

Being owner and editor of a vampire inspired fine art website, I know fine art when I see it. The commissioned piece I received from Deedee is not only a stunning piece of artwork, it will compliment my site so well. Deedee’s communication and renderings throughout the process were more than appreciated. She is a…

Connie – Owner/Editor vampire-empire.com, Apr ’10

I love how well the communication was between buyer and seller for updates, current feedback and/or questions. Not many artists do that. The prices were great, and I was really excited to finally get a 3D image of one of my original characters without worrying about prices over $100. I would definitely consider commissioning again.

Kathleen Dec ’09

DeeDee is the one you have to commission if you want an awesome 3D art. When you hire her, you can feel she dedicates herself all to this piece, and sends you lots of renders and info. She actually listens to your opinions and does her best to go with them. As a bonus, she’s…

Kody Boye Dec ’09

I’ve put out over 20 books with my publishing company “Library of the Living Dead”. Deedee’s cover/backcover for the book “Zombonauts” is the most incredible cover I’ve ever seen. It’s crreepy, unique and PERFECT! I’ll be throwing a ton of work towards Deedee. Her prices are fair and the final product is just superb! “

Dr. Pus: Library of the Livinng Dead ~ Dec 09

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