Image Licencing

If you wish to commission artwork for commercial use, an additional licencing fee will apply.  My existing images may also be licenced, either under a standard, or artistic licence.  To enquire about licencing an image, please contact me using the link in the menu above.

Licencing Terms

All images are the copyright of 3D Fantasy Art. When you commission work, you are not purchasing the copyright to any work produced. If you purchase an ‘exclusive image licence’, I still retain full copyright of any and all images supplied, in accordance with the 1988 Copyright Act.

I reserve the right to use any and all images produced as commissioned work for my own purposes, both commercially and editorially for self-promotion and publicity. I am quite happy to supply commissioned work with an ‘exclusive license agreement’ preventing further usage of any images created, but the license fee will reflect this request.

Licence Types

There are two types of license available:

Standard or “royalty-free” license, which covers most normal business use, e.g web sites, online games, magazines, book content, catalogs, advertising material. There is a one-off fee, and no print run or usage limits. Image rights are always non-exclusive, and pictures may be used for any purpose except “artistic use”.
Artistic or traditional “rights-managed” license. This is for use where the image itself is a significant part of the final product, for example postcards, greetings cards, framed pictures, calendars or book covers. The fee is dependent on purpose, may be volume or time related and will usually be substantially greater than “Standard”. In some cases exclusive or reserved image rights may be possible. As there is not a fixed price fee, please contact me to discuss details.


Fees for Standard Royalty-free images:
There are two prices, based on the size of the image requested.

Low resolution

  • Around 500 pixels in largest dimension and 72dpi, *.jpg format
  • Suitable for on-screen display, e.g. web pages and very small size prints.
  • Low Resolution: £50

High resolution

  • Around 1000 -3000 pixels in largest dimension, and 300dpi
  • *.jpg, *.PSD or *.bmp format
  • Suitable for printing at larger sizes
  • High Resolution: £100

Fees for Artistic Licence: Please contact me.

Payment Methods

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