Terms of Business

If you are interested in commissioning me, please read the following carefully, especially the information on types of commission accepted, and the copyright issues, as they are important.

Commissions Accepted

What sort of file types can be commissioned?

Digital art for character portraits, poster images, game artwork, storyboards, flyers, avatars, signature banners, DeviantArt icons, logos, web banners, etc. Click here for a pricelist for the most common types of commission. Contact me for enquiries about pricing for different file types / artwork, or anything not listed.

What sort of artwork will you do?

I will generally accept commissions for work that falls within the following genres / themes: fantasy, horror, sci-fi, gothic, vampires, angels, demons, men and women, nudes. Essentially, anything other-worldly or a bit fantastic. if you’re not sure whether what you want fits the bill, drop me a line.
N.B. I am highly unlikely to accept commissions involving chibi characters, yaoi / slash / yuri, or anthro characters. This is partly a matter of preference, and partly because I would not do them justice.

Terms of Business for Commission Pieces

1. You provide the subject and specify your requirements for the general look and feel of the piece. A commission detail form can be downloaded in MS Word format here , or you can access an online form here.
2. We agree the timescale
3. We agree final production format, i.e. electronic (various formats available) or print
4. We agree costs
5. For commissions of £40 or over, 50% is payable in advance, and 50% on completion.
5. I will provide (an) electronic proof(s) with watermarks
6. Once payment has been received in full, I will release the final version without watermarks in the agreed format.

How it works

Based on your design brief (sketches and reference pictures are great, no matter the quality), I will normally provide you with proofs and works-in-progress as I go along, so you can have input into the finished design, and you’re not surprised at what comes out the other end! You’ll have a good idea of how it’s going to look as we go along. If you take a look here you’ll see some pics I’ve taken from sketches to completion, and also some that show base renders and post-Photoshop work so you can see the sorts of things I’ll send through.

The cost covers updates as we go and tweaks at the end. If you decide after I’ve started Photoshop postwork that you want a major change, e.g. you want your main character to be a man instead of a woman, or you want one of your characters standing on his head instead of waving his arms around, or wearing a toga instead of full plate armour, then there would be an additional charge. Bear in mind that if you don’t give me specifics, I am likely to make things up as I go along, so if there are important details that need to be included (e.g. your main character always wears a brass monacle, or has dark curly hair), then please tell me that before we start.

Copyright Information

Unless otherwise agreed, I retain all rights to the final image, including the rights to display it online.
When you purchase a commission, you are not purchasing the right to produce any printed material based on that image. A copy may be made for personal use, but you may not print multiple copies for sale.
Please note that I cannot provide commissions of characters that are copyrighted e.g. characters owned by Marvel / Atari etc. as this is illegal. N.B. This means I cannot do commissioned pieces of fanart.

Image Licencing

If you are interested in licencing any of the images from My Gallery, or if you wish to commission an image that is to be used commercially, please read my image licencing terms.