Detailed Skin for Poser

Here’s a quick tutorial giving some ideas on adding detail to dull skin textures in Poser. It covers adding bump and specularity, and using HDR lighting to improve your renders.

Liquify Tutorial

Did you ever spend ages setting up a picture, then wait hours for it to render in your favourite software, only to find when it comes out the other end that it’s not quite how you wanted it? Photoshop’s Liquify filter is a quick and easy way to sort it out (as featured on Renderosity).

Easy Depth of Field in Poser

This is a quick-start guide for anyone who wants to have a go at rendering in Poser and getting those nice blurry focal effects you see everywhere these days. It covers setting up focus distance, fStop and pixel samples – all you need to get nice depth of field effects in Poser!

Tutorial – Whiter Skin for Undead Renders!

Can’t quite get your vamp skin white enough without making them look like they’ve been emulsioned? I’ve put together a few tips and tricks, mainly covering some lighting and postwork options to consider when working with very pale-skinned characters. I’ve referenced Poser and Gimpshop in this tutorial, but the techniques would also apply to Daz|Studio…

Adding Fur in Carrara Pro

I wrote a new tutorial today for Carrara Pro. Have you ever rendered a creature and thought, ‘this would look so much better with real hair’? You can of course postwork hair in Photoshop, but if you have access to a 3D programme that can do it for you (like Carrara Pro!), you can get…