“Fallen to the Dark” Competition on DeviantArt

It’s competition time again!

Your mission is to create a picture that shows a good character or characters that have fallen to the dark.  Perhaps it might be a character that has been seduced by the glittering promises and the lure of evil, or perhaps having lived a pure and virtuous life, they have seen terrible things, or are betrayed and can no longer see that being good is worthwhile.  Feel free to interpret it any way you want. :)

For inspiration, possible themes might include:

:bulletred:Good guys / girls gone bad
:bulletred: Fallen angels
:bulletred: Corrupted heroes

Some classic ‘fallen to the dark’ characters, for inspiration:
:bulletred: Annikin Skywalker
:bulletred: Phoenix (Dark Phoenix)
:bulletred: Horus (Warhammer 40K)

Find out more in my DeviantArt journal here.

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