Current Commission and Gnomes in 3D

I’m busily working away on my latest commission piece, which is without a doubt one of the most complex and challenging pieces I’ve ever attempted.  It’s a role-play based picture and has  5 non-human characters, including 2 gnomes, and a bunch of humans hanging around in the background.  It’s going to have 9-10 characters in it by the time it’s finished, which I think is topped only by number of figures (11) in the cover art I did with Dan Galli for Zombidays.  12 if you count the head.

zombidays cover

I’m really hoping Vue is going to cope with that many figures, but suspect I may need to render it in 2 halves – the main characters in one, and the humans in another.  I think my main challenge however is going to come in the form of the gnomes. I’m not sure whether to make them full-size and shrink them down, giving them gnome-like proportions, or whether to use some shorter characters (although I would probably be scratching around in my Runtimes for suitable outfits then).

Any advice on gnome-rendering much appreciated. 😀

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