Poser vs Vue Renders

Poser vs vue

First things first: I’m a die-hard Poser user, and have been since about 2005.  Poser is where my workflow starts; where I set up my characters, poses, materials and sets.  Ever since I stumbled across Carrara 4’s rendering engine in 2006, however, and I saw what render engines other than Firefly were capable of, I have tended to use just about anything else for rendering.

When I got hold of Poser Pro a few years ago, though, I saw some real improvements in the Firefly render engine, and have spent quite some time getting to know it better.  Here’s a render I was playing with this week in Poser.  I lit it with a fairly standard 3 point light setup, with an additional point light on the face, and rendered at around 1500px / 300dpi.

3 hrs later, voila!

Poser render 1
Poser render, using M4 with ‘Morchir’ morph and texture by MutedBanshee

I love the improvements that have been made to SSS and DoF in Poser in the last few iterations, and I was really pleased with it for a while.  Since it was going well, I thought I’d up the res to 2500px width, and increase the pixel samples for a more refined finish.

Poser crashed every time I tried to render it. 😦

I then decided to plonk it into Vue and see what it came out with.  It took a comparable amount of time, and was rendered at a similar resolution to my first Poser render, and this was the result.

Vue render
Vue render using M4 with ‘Morchir’ morph and texture by Mutedbanshee

It makes my Poser render look like a photo of a plastic doll.

So I updated him a little, gave him some more clothes (shame!), sorted out the DoF and rendered him out in Vue at around 2700px width.  It came in at just over 3.5 hours and I’m quite happy with it now. 🙂

elf with clothes

I’ve used some special Vue eye MATs that replace the standard Poser ones, and they’ve ended up reflecting the blue and red spots I used to light him!  I quite like how they came out though.

So, a question to Poser users – do you render in Poser, or something else?

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  1. I still use PP 2010, as you know, for most of my works. I have Vue as well, but do not have the plug-ins to be able to import anything INTO Vue. Can’t afford to purchase, and really… the idea of having to buy that to use my runtime irks me greatly. I also use C8 Pro for rendering here and there, as well as Studio. For me, it’s the ‘mood’ of the rendering that has me going from program to program since each rendering system (since they do in fact render differently) gives me a different ‘feel’ in each.

    I was a die hard Studio user for many, many years, but I cannot see closing myself off to other options.


    1. Kachinadoll says:

      I still use Poser Pro 2012 to render. I’m going to give Reality 3 for Poser with Lux once it’s released in April though. 🙂


  2. Tubs Lardy says:

    Howdy DeeDee.

    I use Poser for close up renders and Vue for anything bigger – I just can’t get the skin right in Vue – blown highlights and an odd yellowish cast I can’t shift. Do you use Skinvue?

    Small world the world of 3D – I know you from maaaany years back in the real world…… Stumbled across you by accident on the Smith Micro gallery.
    I’ll drop you an email..


    1. seedydeedee says:

      Hello again!

      I did actually buy SkinVue a couple of months back, but I didn’t get on all that well with it. I had issues with the eyes, and the skin didn’t seem all that much better than it had looked without.

      What sort of ‘blown highlights’ do you mean? Got a screenshot?


      1. Tubs Lardy says:

        I have had an epiphany (sorry, filthy habit I know) and started importing figures using the Poser material tree. I had never had much luck with this method previously but something must have changed after the last update to Poser or Vue and now thing have improved 1000%! maybe I was little hasty buying Reality 3…

        Then again – Its a new toy and. well….. You know



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