Looking Backwards and Forwards

Well, it’s been a bit of an odd year for me, art-wise. I’ve seen the digital art I’ve been doing almost daily for the last 10+ years fade, to be replaced by a weird desire to make bags…

I started making dice bags with embroidered designs on them early this year, for no other reason than the fancy took me, and I’ve gone on to make handbags and other crafty items, all of which have been most rewarding to do. I’ve now sold / given away almost all from the original batch I made in the first flurry, and only a couple remain (the beige leather with the red trifecta and the red ankh bag).

I then went on to make a bunch of handbags, more embroidered dice bags in leather and satin, and a bunch of commission pieces and presents, including my go-to gift for female friends and relatives – the embroidered kimono.

I’ve not done all that many conventions this year, but I’m already planning one and considering others for next year. I’ve also got some plans to make more shabby chic / medieval and fan-based stuff, which I’m excited to share with people as soon as I have some made. I’ve been buying the requisite bits already, and I’m planning to get a heavier-duty machine early next year to work more efficiently with leather.  🙂

In other exciting news, I’ve just agreed with my other half that we’ll turn the guest bedroom into a temporary sewing-room, and we found out we can convert it in about 10 mins. All I need now is a folding table, and I’ll have my own sewing space again. Huzzah!!

Although I haven’t made any new pieces of art this year, my Dragon Queen picture has been doing quite well on Etsy, and most of my main collection is also available there at the moment.

I think all that remains is to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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