Latest Artwork and Plans

        I’m aware I’ve been a little remiss lately in updating my blog, so here’s a quick update. I made the below this weekend as a bit of practice. I may also produce it as a print to sell at Cons.     I’ve also done these two commissions for a private…

Fire Elf – Picture of the Week

I’ve been really busy with the day-job in the last few months, but I made some time for fun renders the other week and made this image.  It’s since been awarded Picture of the Week on Dreamslayer Artworks. 🙂

Worst Nightmare 3D Competition on DeviantArt

What’s your worst nightmare? An evil clown hiding under your bed?  A zombie horde at your door? A tarantula scuttling up your chest in the night? We want to see it! Let your imagination run wild and show us what scares you most! Sponsored by Zellorama, this competition is open to images made with any…

Commissions Open!

I have 2 commission slots available, for 3D fantasy / gothic / horror artwork.  More details can be found on my deviantart page here.  Prices start at $15. Some sample images are below.  Click on any image to cycle through the slideshow.

Postwork Hints and Tips

What you do to your render when it comes out of the render engine may be what sets your image apart from all the rest. It’s where you define your style. Take command of your post-processing tools and make it pop! This is a selection of hints and tips for using Photoshop to edit your images….

Tutorial – Whiter Skin for Undead Renders!

Can’t quite get your vamp skin white enough without making them look like they’ve been emulsioned? I’ve put together a few tips and tricks, mainly covering some lighting and postwork options to consider when working with very pale-skinned characters. I’ve referenced Poser and Gimpshop in this tutorial, but the techniques would also apply to Daz|Studio…