Worst Nightmare 3D Competition on DeviantArt

worst nightmare competition

What’s your worst nightmare?

An evil clown hiding under your bed?  A zombie horde at your door? A tarantula scuttling up your chest in the night?

We want to see it! Let your imagination run wild and show us what scares you most!

Sponsored by Zellorama, this competition is open to images made with any *3D software*

*Entries must show a nightmare scenario.
*Artwork must be made with 3D software.  Postwork is allowed, but the main body of the work must be made using 3D software
*Please give credit where credit is due
*Please only submit art made especially for the competition
*Max 2 entries per person
*Deadline is 28th February 2013

Judging will be based on:
*Your imagination in creating your nightmare artwork
*Bonus points for humour or interesting twists and takes on the theme

It will be open to all levels of artists, from beginners to experts, so skill level will not be a factor.


:winner:First Prize
*1000 DA Points
*Commission from =SeedyDeedee (max 2 characters, simple background)
*3 month DA journal feature

:winner:Second Prize
*700 DA points
*Commission from =SeedyDeedee (1 character, simple background)
*1 month DA journal feature

:winner:Third Prize
*300 DA Points
*1 month journal feature

*If anyone would like to donate any prizes to this competition, please get in touch. :)

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