My first Daz|Studio Render (that isn’t pants)

Daz|Studio is 3D posing, rendering and animation software that has been available for free for many years.  I’ve never been a fan.  I found Poser first, and have happily paid for upgrades to it since about 2004, and firmly believe it’s well worth the money.

I’ve used a lot of different 3D modelling and rendering packages over the years, and like to think that most of my lighting / rendering skills are transferrable from one to another.  My main beef with Daz|Studio has always been that despite my knowledge, the best render I can achieve with its native render engine is along the lines of the below:

However, I came across a really good tutorial today, involving the uberenvironment shader, along with 3-point lighting + spotlight.  The results are below.  The hair took a while to render, but the results are good enough for me to possibly consider adding Daz|Studio to my render arsenal after all these years.



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