A Poser User’s Perspective on Daz|Studio

Daz|Studio Week 1 Review

Since I’ve failed miserably to get the DSON importer working for Poser, and if I want any hope of being able to use the latest Genesis figures from DAZ, then I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and figure out how to get better renders in Daz|Studio. So I’ve been giving it a bit more attention this week, and trying various things out.  So far, as a hardcore Poser user, here’s what I like and dislike about Daz|Studio 4 Pro, now that I’ve finally given it a chance.  I realise some of those dislikes may be just that I haven’t found out how to do something yet, or just that I’m so used to another way of doing it.


  1. Autofit generation 4 clothes to Genesis
  2. Mix and match application of all available Genesis shapes to Genesis figure (male, female, gorilla etc…!)
  3. Really easy and fast Depth of Field
  4. View the scene through its lights.  Brilliant idea.
  5. Uberenvironment (not sure if this is a like or dislike really, since I don’t like anything I’ve done without it)


  1. The library structure
    1. OK, so it’s got a search function.  Every 3D app that manages bulk content should have one.  But to find anything by navigation just seems unnecessarily difficult.  I seem to have different content available for the same libraries based on what I click on the left of the navigation menu. I think I even saw a warning message – sorry, I mean ‘tip’ about it on one of the screens.
    2. Except for my manually-added Poser Runtimes, nothing’s where I expect it to be, and while the ‘Smart Content’ tab seems more akin to what I’m used to in Poser, 99% of my content isn’t in it.  Am I missing something?  Well obviously, yes I am – but what do I need to do to get the rest of my content into those sensible and familiar categories?
  2. You have to switch between tabs for standard tasks
    1. e.g. posing and shaping.  Why are they two different options on two different tabs in the same top-level tab?  Poser handles all this on one screen. It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t do all this on the loading / creating screen.  I just thought all my posing options were missing / not imported!
    2. Separate tab for rendering.  I just want a  camera button at the top like the old Daz|Studio used to have, and Poser has always had.  I don’t want to be switching around all the time to do test renders.
  3. The library doesn’t save your selection from one tab to another
    1. When you’re in the middle of searching for / loading stuff, then you navigate to another room, your location in the library is lost, which just exacerbates number 1.
    2. The camera selection doesn’t seem to save.  As I switch between one tab and another, it seems to randomly switch between perspective view and my main rendering camera.
    3. On accessing the Lighting / Camera tab, and selecting a camera, I don’t expect to have to go BACK to the Loading / Creating tab to make sure that same camera is selected there as well before I can view the DOF planes in the viewport.  Surely selecting it for editing in the Lighting / Camera tab should select that camera?!

So in essence, I think my reservations are mostly around the content library and general UI layout.  The render results I’m getting with it are delivered in the sort of time you’d reasonably expect for the quality, so no issues there. Next, I’ll be testing export and seeing what I can do to get Daz|Studio scenes rendering in Vue and other nice render engines.  Wish me luck!

Here’s this week’s best render with DS so far – another one in the oven. I mean renderer. 😉

couple4 copy

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Luck-Be says:

    A note about dislikes 1 and 2: The smart content tab only works for items with metadata, provided by Daz- so basically, only daz stuff uses the smart content tab. The “my library” section is for content designed for Daz Studio, the other is your poser runtimes. They’re separate because they use different folder structures. Annoying, but you do get used to it, and the search function helps a lot.

    As for everything being on a separate page- it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s the default UI designed for newbies to dazstudio. If you go to the menus at the top, “window”, “workspace”, “select layout”, you can pick from several different UI layouts, including “city limits” where everything is available to you on one screen. 3 becomes moot if you use city limits, because there’s no need to switch to different tabs any longer.


    1. Luck-Be says:

      Another quick note- almost every aspect of the UI can be customized. You can delete what you don’t use, move things around, add tabs you might otherwise not have, all that good stuff. If you go to “window”, “style”, “select style” you can even change the overall size of UI elements. This is city limits set to darkside, with some things removed or moved around: http://i.imgur.com/2LoQq.jpg


    2. seedydeedee says:

      Thanks ever so much for that! I shall go and change the interface as soon as my current render’s finished. That might well eliminate my main gripes with the interface.

      It’s a shame the smart content is only applicable to items with metadata, though. That would be a major plus if all content could be found within in that structure.


      1. Luck-Be says:

        It is possible to add your own metadata, it’s just a bit of a pain. It would be terribly convenient if you didn’t have to though.


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