Back to Vue for The Last Stand

I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing around in Daz|Studio, Carrara and Poser for my rendering recently, but for this latest piece, I’ve gone back to Vue, which I think is still one of my favourite render engines, particularly for making more arty-looking fantasy pictures.

This is a scene from a story I finally finished writing this year, 7 years after I started it.  OOPS!

The characters were set up individually in Poser, then imported into Vue Studio for rendering.  I chose to render the zombie texture on the main male character in Vue using the Poser Shader Tree.  It nearly killed my PC.  I had to turn the figure down to a wireframe bounding box only just so I could interact with the scene!  I keep mooning over 6-core i7s, and thinking how much easier all this would be with a higher spec machine.

Maybe next year… 🙂

Vronn and Achoris
…I ushered him up to a high vantage point atop a rocky tor where they could come at us but a few at a time. And come they did. The army of the undead rose up around us, surging to cut off our escape on each side, leathery hands scrabbling at the rocks and clamoring for their prey.

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  1. dpmpls says:

    That looks really good.


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