Exporting from Daz|Studio to Poser and Vue

Tonight, I’ve been trying to export scenes from DAZ|Studio and see how well they render.  I bunged a Genesis figure with some morphs and a nice texture into a scene, and exported as both Collada (.dae) and Wavefront Obkect (.obj) formats.

First off, here’s the original DAZ|Studio 4.5 Pro render, uberenvironment, 4 lights.

man picture
Daz|Studio 4.5 Pro render

Now here’s the Vue render, based on a Collada import.  I’ve just used whatever default light Vue threw up, along with a single point light and basic render settings. It’s probably got potential, but I notice that the Collada export seems to have left me with  jagged polygons everywhere.  Anyone know if there’s a setting I can change on export to improve that?  Oh, and on import, all the materials on the scenery in the background were set to 100% reflective, and therefore chrome!

man vue
Vue 10 Studio render

I also imported the scene into Poser Pro 2012, as both .obj and .dae formats.

The .obj imported fine (once I figured out how to export the texture maps), and renders nicely (except perhaps for the eyes – what’s going on there?!).

poser obj2
Poser Pro 2012 render, .obj

The Collada import has lost the maps for the eyelashes, and suffers from the same spiky-polygon syndrome as in the Vue render above.  Oh, and it’s lost the pose…

poser render
Poser Pro 2012 render, .dae

In short, I think, any tips on Collada export would be more than welcome!

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