Animation Tutorial for Poser over on Renderosity

Renderosity are currently offering a series of useful tutorials for Poser – all for free!  Their latest is all about animation.  Click on the image to go through to the tutorials page on Renderosity.

New Website Launch

I’ve spent some time over the last few months revamping my 3D Fantasy Art website. I made the switch from Dreamweaver to WordPress, and so far, I’m not regretting it! Here’s the new homepage:   The new site has 2 tutorial sections: A starter tutorials section, covering Carrara, Poser and Daz| Studio   And a list of…

Elder Mind Form Music Fiction with my Illustrations!

On and off over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on a project with Mike McCullough. He wrote an amazing, cosmic sci-fi music-fiction, which consists of an epic story, narrated over his own original musical score. I then made a series of images illustrating various key points in the story. The whole thing…

FREE Poser Webinar for Beginners

GETTING STARTED IN 3D WITH POSER Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:00AM PST Interested in learning 3D but don’t know where to start? Poser is the easy answer. Join Steve Cooper, Poser product manager, in this 1-hour webinar for beginners. Don’t know a wireframe from a keyframe? Steve will cover the basics to give you…

Free Manga Studio Webinar – 5th February

Smith Micro are hosting a FREE Manga Studio Webinar – What’s New in Manga Studio 5. Presented By:  Doug Hills, comic book artist Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Time:  3:00PM PST

Free Terragen Conference tomorrow!

There’s a FREE TERRALIVE Terragen conference on Saturday 5th of January at 20:00 GMT London (tommorow). So if you are a Terragen 2 user, just use this link to gain entrance into this webinar. The main conference is being held 18th – 20th January – more details on the 3D Art Direct website here.

Exporting from Daz|Studio to Poser and Vue

Tonight, I’ve been trying to export scenes from DAZ|Studio and see how well they render.  I bunged a Genesis figure with some morphs and a nice texture into a scene, and exported as both Collada (.dae) and Wavefront Obkect (.obj) formats. First off, here’s the original DAZ|Studio 4.5 Pro render, uberenvironment, 4 lights. Now here’s…

A Poser User’s Perspective on Daz|Studio

Daz|Studio Week 1 Review Since I’ve failed miserably to get the DSON importer working for Poser, and if I want any hope of being able to use the latest Genesis figures from DAZ, then I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and figure out how to get better renders in Daz|Studio. So I’ve…

Poser Lights 2: HDR Lighting

Here’s my latest collection of tips, this time on HDR lighting in Poser. Topics covered: Adding HDR Lights Tweaking HDR Lights Adjusting brightness on HDR Lights