Conan Returns – Video featuring my Artwork

Check this out! The music was composed by Eanan Patterson, and he made a video to accompany it, using one of my Conan fanart picures. 😀 Conan the Barbarian is (c) Robert E. Howard

Finished Role Play Group Commission

I’ve recently finished one of my most ambitious pictures so far. This was a picture commissioned by an individual of the characters in his role play group. The figures were set up in Poser then exported to Vue for rendering. I had to turn all the figures to bounding boxes to interact with the scene,…

Current Commission and Gnomes in 3D

I’m busily working away on my latest commission piece, which is without a doubt one of the most complex and challenging pieces I’ve ever attempted.  It’s a role-play based picture and has  5 non-human characters, including 2 gnomes, and a bunch of humans hanging around in the background.  It’s going to have 9-10 characters in…

Words have Power

A bit of random art depicting a character from a story I finished recently.

FREE Poser Webinar for Beginners

GETTING STARTED IN 3D WITH POSER Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:00AM PST Interested in learning 3D but don’t know where to start? Poser is the easy answer. Join Steve Cooper, Poser product manager, in this 1-hour webinar for beginners. Don’t know a wireframe from a keyframe? Steve will cover the basics to give you…

Worst Nightmare 3D Competition on DeviantArt

What’s your worst nightmare? An evil clown hiding under your bed?  A zombie horde at your door? A tarantula scuttling up your chest in the night? We want to see it! Let your imagination run wild and show us what scares you most! Sponsored by Zellorama, this competition is open to images made with any…

Commissions Open!

I have 2 commission slots available, for 3D fantasy / gothic / horror artwork.  More details can be found on my deviantart page here.  Prices start at $15. Some sample images are below.  Click on any image to cycle through the slideshow.

King Conan

“Many wars and feuds did Conan fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand … but that is another story.” This was a Kiriban for a friend over on DeviantArt.  He asked for a pic of Conan / a barbarian as his prize….

Back to Vue for The Last Stand

I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing around in Daz|Studio, Carrara and Poser for my rendering recently, but for this latest piece, I’ve gone back to Vue, which I think is still one of my favourite render engines, particularly for making more arty-looking fantasy pictures. This is a scene from a story I finally…